Who is Elder Care IQ

Elder Care IQ is a nonprofit service established by Elder Voice Family Advocates (Elder Voice). It is free to the users.

Our guiding principles include:

  • Focuses on quality care indicators from unbiased resources. For this reason, we use only governmental data bases.
  • Transparency is key to enable accurate assessment of senior care providers.
  • Free to the users.
  • No funder, elder care provider or other organization has any influence on the sources or content of the data.
  • Provide insight into the quality of care of each elder care provider, without bias.
  • All funding comes from grants, donations and sponsor-ships from elder care product and service businesses and organizations.

Elder Care IQ Founded by Elder Voice Advocates

Elder Voice Advocates, a MN based nonprofit, learned the hard way that the only resource to get any clue about the actual quality care from assisted living and home care providers was through the MN Department of Health (MDH) investigation reports.

But there was a problem - getting these public investigation reports from the MDH website is complex and difficult, even for tech savvy people.

A successful tech entrepreneur led the development of this the easy to use, web-based tool that is the backbone of Elder Care IQ. He is now a Board member.


Empowering informed decision making of senior and vulnerable adult care services with a quality care screening tool – and motivating providers to significantly improve care.


Reduce the risk of elders choosing a senior care provider with a poor quality care track record and encourage quality improvement by those providers.

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“This tool will save lives. It gives families powerful information to make difficult decisions that are best for their loved one.“

-Kate and Eric

“What a perfect, user-friendly tool for making critical decisions. If only every adult in MN could be made aware that this is now available.”

-Virgil Anders

"This is fantastic—what a brilliant idea! It will make a huge difference, a life-saving difference. Many of us wish we’d had access a few years ago—it might have spared our loved one from a rapid demise.”

Rev. Jean Greenwood

Excellent! Thanks for your absolutely critical efforts and momentous milestones!

Darril Wegscheid

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Contrast with Third Party Referral Services (Providers pay for each referral they receive)

Be aware that most online resources such as A Place for Mom, Caring.com and others are third party senior living referral services.

The senior living providers pay to participate in this service, potentially compromising the objectivity of the services. Additionally, they provide limited insights into the quality of care actually provided.They also solicit paid advertisement from the industry that they are providing information.