What Will This Provide?

Use this as one of your decision making tools to screen MN nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home care providers. It provides the investigation reports from the MN Department of Health for complaints of abuse, neglect and exploitation of the residents or clients.

The benefits of IQ are:

Elder Voice has found that these investigation reports are very helpful in exposing the quality of care track record of every licensed nursing home, assisted living and home health care provider in the state. EVA has made no changes to the data - it reflects exactly what the MDH investigators reported.

How to Use this Map

Finding a high-quality care provider for your elderly loved one can be an overwhelming and stressful process. We developed this map to make this process easier. Our map contains the names and addresses of every nursing home, assisted-living and home care providers in Minnesota. There are links to every Maltreatment Investigation for these providers so that you may review all investigation reports, whether they were Substantiated, Unsubstantiated, or found Inconclusive.

This map is meant to help families research prospective facilities more efficiently and help make a well-informed decision.

What do the Investigations Provide?

MDH gets complaints of abuse, neglect and exploitation from elders, their families, health care providers and others. Those complaints that are investigated and findings are reported as follows (verbatim from MDH):

Substantiated – A substantiated finding means a preponderance of the evidence shows that an act that meets the definition of maltreatment occurred.

Not substantiated– An unsubstantiated finding means a preponderance of the evidence shows that an act that meets the definition of maltreatment did not occur.

Inconclusive – A finding of inconclusive means that there is not a preponderance of evidence to show that maltreatment did or did not occur.

Map Navigation

You can use this map to locate facilities in your preferred location in Minnesota. For example, if you are looking for nursing homes in or near St. Paul, Minnesota, follow these steps:

  1. Under “Community Type” you can select either “Assisted Living”, “Home Care”, or “Nursing Homes” to narrow the results. You can also choose to limit the results by size of the community. Choose "small" (up to 20 residents), "medium" (20-50), or "large" (50+)
  2. Next, click on the map near the area you are considering: Each orange marker represents a provider. Click on a specific orange marker to see that provider's information. You can also enter a zip code to search by local or use the name of a provider in the search bar.
  3. The screen-shot below shows information on Walker Methodist Westwood II, including its Address and the number of Maltreatment Complaints. In this example, 1 Complaints were Substantiated, 2 Complaints were Unsubstantiated, and 0 Complaints were found to be Inconclusive. (at the time this was written)
  4. To see the 1 Substantiated Complaint, click on the red triangle containing the 1. The link will direct you to the Minnesota Department of Health’s information about Walker Methodist Westwood II's Complaints and Surveys.